Mission Viejo CA

Considering that southern California was first settled by the Spanish, who built many missions here, you might at first think Mission Viejo CA is a historic community built around an old mission. But in reality, the only thing Spanish about Mission Viejo CA is the name. The suburban community was built as part of a master-planned development in the 1970s and 1980s. The area quickly became popular and today Mission Viejo CA has over 96,000 residents. If you live in Mission Viejo CA and you find yourself in need of representation for a family law issue, look no further than The Law Office of Michael L. Fell. Our experienced family law attorney, Michelle L. Tran, has over 200 hours of specialized training in family law issues and can provide the skillful and aggressive representation you need for your divorce proceeding, support dispute, custody battle, paternity issue, or domestic violence issue.