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Find compassionate & effective representation for all your family law needs.

When you’re facing a family law issue, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this experience alone. Instead, you can get compassionate and effective representation from the Law Office of Michael L. Fell.

No case is too complicated for us to handle or too minor to merit our careful attention. With our family law attorney, Rita Liu, working diligently on your case, you can rest assured your rights and interests will be protected and you will have the best possible chance of achieving your goals in or out of court.

Our core family law practice areas include:

Spousal Support: Whether you are the spouse that will be paying spousal support or the one who will be receiving it, we can help you understand how spousal support is calculated and then advocate for the best agreement for you.

Child Custody: When your relationship with your child is at stake, you can trust us to fight for you. We know the law and we will work hard to make sure you receive custody and visitation agreements that are in the best interests of your children.

Child Support: Arguing with an ex over child support? We can help bring the focus back to the well-being of your child and fight for support to be set at a fair amount that provides for your child’s needs without putting undue burden on the parent paying support.

Divorce Mediation: We can provide the legal advice you need to enter divorce mediation with confidence and successfully negotiate fair and favorable agreements with your ex.

Modifications: Spousal support agreements, child support orders, and custody and visitation agreements may be modified depending on your situation. If your circumstances have changed, we can help you petition for the necessary modifications to keep your agreements fair and relevant. Our office also specializes in post-judgment matters.

Paternity: Whether you want to establish paternity for your child or you need to defend against an allegation of paternity, we can help. We understand the paternity process in detail and we can help you exercise your rights.

Pre-Marital/Post-Nuptial Agreements: We have ample experience helping couples draft pre-marital and post-nuptial agreements to be used in the event of a divorce. We will work hard to make sure your agreements will be upheld court. Our office also reviews premarital and post-nuptial agreements to make sure your rights are protected and the agreement reflects the intent of the parties

Domestic Violence: If you have been the victim of domestic violence, you can rely on us for top-quality representation. We can help you secure restraining orders as well as temporary support orders to ensure your safety against your abuser.

Enforcement: Having trouble getting the other side to comply with the terms of your Judgment? We can assist with enforcement of your agreement.

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Family Law