Need to make changes to your divorce or custody agreements? We can help.

During a divorce or custody battle, emotions can run high as the involved parties struggle to anticipate and adapt to their changing family circumstances. It is not uncommon for individuals to need to modify orders later on. While the court typically will not modify orders or agreements regarding asset and debt division, it is possible to petition for modifications to agreements involving support and custody.

The key to getting any kind of modification approved by the court is proving that the involved parties’ circumstances have changed so much that the existing order is no longer fair. At the Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we understand the modification process in detail, and we know what types of evidence the court will find most compelling. As your family law attorney, you can trust us for the very best quality representation, whether you need help with:

Child Custody & Visitation Modifications: The goal of any child custody or visitation agreement is always to provide what is best for the child. It is simply not possible to provide this with a static document. Instead, the agreement must be able to grow and evolve as the child does and as the parents’ situations change. Common reasons for requesting a custody or visitation modification include:

  • A parent needs to relocate
  • A parent is being deployed overseas or incarcerated
  • A parent who has become a risk to their child needs to be denied custody and/or visitation
  • A formerly unfit parent has made progress and now needs more visitation opportunities

Child Support Modifications:

Child support agreements may need to be modified if a parent’s financial situation or the child’s needs change. The parent receiving support or the one providing it can request the modification. Common reasons to do this include:

  • Changes in how physical custody is shared
  • Changes in income for either parent
  • Emancipation of a minor child
  • New medical or educational needs for the child

Spousal Support Modifications:

Typically, individuals paying spousal support wish they paid less and individuals receiving it wish they received more. In some cases, it may actually be possible to achieve this through a spousal support modification. Common examples of reasons to modify spousal support include:

  • Child support has terminated
  • The spouse paying support loses their job
  • The spouse receiving support gets a new job or increase in salary
  • The spouse receiving support is not making a good faith effort to earn sufficient income

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