Enforcement of Your Spousal Support Order: How to Get it Done

Posted on: June 16, 2022

Enforcement of Your Spousal Support Order: How to Get it DoneSpousal support is a critical element to divorce cases for those who are either paying it or receiving it. Much like child support, spousal support is a requirement when it is included in the divorce order. Failure to complete payments can have serious financial and legal consequences. Here at Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we will fight for you to get what you deserve so you can maintain the standard of living you are used to. Call us today at (949) 585-9055 to learn how our law offices can help you get the right spousal support for you.

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Factors to consider

It is important to know exactly how spousal support calculated. Every couple has different standards of living, so every support order is different. California law provides a list of factors to determine the correct spousal support for each case. These include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Standard of living while married
  • Earning capacity of the spouse requesting support
  • Other spouse’s ability to pay support
  • Age and health of both spouses
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Custody arrangements for any children
  • Any history of domestic violence towards a spouse or a child
  • Existence of any pre-nuptial agreement

The consequences of failing payments

If a spouse fails to pay the mandatory payments, serious consequences can happen. The court may put a lien on realty properties or bank accounts. To ensure funds are flowing, they might also intercept tax refunds, lottery winnings, unemployment checks, disability checks, and more to ensure payments go through. In some cases, driver’s licenses were suspended and even found in contempt of the court. Whether the individual agrees with the spousal support or not, it is a requirement that needs to be followed through or serious consequences are to follow.

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