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Make sure childcare costs are shared fairly with help from a skilled child support attorney in Tustin CA

All parents have a legal as well as a moral responsibility to ensure their children’s basic needs are met. This includes contributing to the cost of things like food, housing, health care, and education. Unfortunately, not all parents live up to their responsibilities to their children. When this happens, the law can intervene and require payment in the form of child support. If you want the amount of support you pay or receive to be fair and adequate for your child’s needs, it’s wise to hire a child support attorney in Tustin CA such as Michelle L. Tran of The Law Office of Michael L. Fell.

After countless hours in the courtroom and over 200 hours of specialized family law training, there is no case too difficult for Attorney Tran. She can provide top-quality representation for your child support dispute as well as any related matters such as divorce, paternity, or child custody.

Now You May Wonder…

…How is Child Support Determined?

If you are setting support as part of an undisputed case, you and your child’s other parent can agree on the amount of support you think is fair. However, if you cannot agree, the court will calculate support for you based on the California Guideline Calculation Formula. The formula for the calculation includes unique facts about your family such as:

  • Time child spends with each parent
  • Gross income of each parent
  • Tax filing status of each parent
  • Child care costs

In order to ensure the court has complete and accurate information on these factors, it’s important to get help from a child support attorney in Tustin CA. Also, remember that the judge does have power to adjust the results of the calculation, and your attorney can advocate for this when appropriate.

Keep Your Child Support Payments Fair with Modifications

Chances are, you or your co-parent will want to change the amount of support at least once before your child turns 18. Fortunately, child support orders are modifiable. For example, you may need a modification because of:

  • Changes in either parent’s income
  • Incarceration of a parent
  • Changes in the time share in the custody agreement
  • Changes in the child’s needs

Whether you are the parent paying or receiving support, we can help you fill out the necessary paperwork. We understand the modification process in detail. As your child support attorney in Tustin CA we will always give our honest opinion as to your petition’s chances of success.

Get Help with Overdue Child Support

As your child support attorney in Tustin CA, we can help keep payments on track so your children have the support they need and deserve.

If you have missed a few your child support payments, we can help you work with your local child support agency to create a plan that will help you catch up. If you need a permanent reduction in support, we can help you seek a modification to your child support order.

If your co-parent is behind on support payments, you need to involve the family court. The family court can take legal action to compel your child’s other parent to pay. We can help with this process.

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