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Unhappy with your divorce decree? Get help from a divorce modification attorney in Newport Beach CA

After months of stress and uncertainty, it can feel like a huge relief to finally get your divorce decree, complete with provisions for support and child custody arrangements. But what if your needs change after your divorce and these arrangements are no longer satisfactory? You can and should seek official modifications. Fortunately for you, this process does not have to be overwhelming or painful when you have a skilled divorce modification attorney in Newport Beach CA on your side.

We Handle All Kinds of Post-Judgment Modifications

It would overload the court–and try your patience–if modifications were possible after every small change in the needs of a divorced couple. That’s why modifications are only granted when divorced couples or their children experience “substantial and continuing” life changes.

After many years of experience, we understand what kinds of life changes justify modifications and how to convince the judge of this fact. We can serve as your divorce modification attorney in Newport Beach CA whether you are seeking:

  • Spousal Support Modifications: Frequently, the spouse paying support wants to reduce it. This may be justified if the supported spouse starts earning more income or if the spouse paying support loses their job. Support may be completely terminated if the supported spouse remarries.
  • Child Custody Modifications: Child custody modifications come with an extra layer of complexity. It isn’t enough to simply show that the family’s circumstances have changed; we also need to show that the new custody agreement is in the best interests of the child. Common examples include a parent moving to another city or a parent’s home becoming an unsafe environment for the child.
  • Child Support Modifications: In order to ensure that your child’s needs are met without placing an undue burden on either parent, child support orders can be modified whenever childcare costs increase or parents’ incomes change.
  • Asset Division Modifications: In certain rare situations, it may be possible to modify asset division agreements. However, most of the time the court will not address this issue. As your divorce modification attorney in Newport Beach CA, we can certainly advise you on this issue.

Why Choose Us as Your Divorce Modification Attorney in Newport Beach CA

When you choose The Law Office of Michael L. Fell, you will be working closely with experienced attorney Michelle L. Tran on your case. After many years of experience and over 200 hours of specialized family law training, Attorney Tran is more than equal to the task of serving as your divorce modification attorney in Newport Beach CA, no matter how complicated your case may be. You can rely on her to fight aggressively for your best interests.

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