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Take the stress out of your divorce proceeding with a skilled divorce lawyer in Newport Beach CA

Are you getting a divorce? Call The Law Office of Michael L. Fell now and hire Michelle L. Tran as your divorce lawyer in Newport Beach CA. Attorney Tran has completed over 200 hours of specialized training in family law. You can expect superior representation from her.

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Newport Beach CA

Although “DIY divorce” is widely advertised, in reality this is only an option for individuals with very simple cases. If you have significant marital assets, if you have children, or if you or your ex will need spousal support, it is best to enlist the aid of a qualified divorce lawyer in Newport Beach CA. This way, you can avoid making mistakes that could result in unfair agreements being included in your divorce decree.

At The Law Office of Michael L. Fell, we provide the accurate information and aggressive representation you deserve from your divorce lawyer in Newport Beach CA. We will help you:

  • Get Your Fair Share of Marital Assets: Although California is a joint property state, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to split everything you own down the middle. We can help you differentiate between marital assets (which must be split) and personal assets (which belong to one spouse alone). We understand the complex financial evidence involved in asset division disputes and how to use this evidence to fight for our clients.
  • Protect Your Relationship with Your Kids: As your divorce lawyer in Newport Beach CA, we can help you understand your parental rights and those of your ex-spouse. We can help you work together with your ex to arrive at a mutually acceptable custody and visitation agreement, or else fight for your children’s best interests in court.
  • Secure Fair Support Agreements: We understand what factors judges consider when setting spousal support and child support. Whether you will be the one paying or receiving support, you need a skilled divorce lawyer in Newport Beach CA to present a compelling argument for support to be set at a fair amount.
  • Challenge Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreements: Just because you and your ex signed a pre-nup before you got married or a post-nup at some point afterwards does not necessarily mean your divorce agreements are set in stone. If you are unhappy with your pre-nuptial or post-marital agreement, we can review it for you and see if there is any possible grounds for a challenge.

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