Laguna Niguel CA

There are many upscale neighborhoods located within Laguna Niguel CA. they include Bear Brand Ranch, Ocean Ranch, Laguna Sur, South Peak, El Niguel Heights and Golf Course, and Monarch Point. There are other non-upscale neighborhoods within Laguna Niguel CA too, such as Rancho Niguel, Niguel Summit, Niguel West, and Rolling Hills. If you are dealing with a family issue and require an aggressive family law attorney in Laguna Niguel CA, then you are in search of Law Office of Michael L. Fell. You can call our office for help with issues related to child custody, child support, divorce, divorce modification, domestic violence, family law, father’s right’s, and other family law related issues. If you need an attorney to help with family law in Laguna Niguel CA then you need to contact us today at (949) 585-9055 .