Laguna Hills CA

Located in the hills to the northeast of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills CA was first used by settlers as grazing land for sheep and cattle. The area was slow to be developed due to its topography, and Laguna Hills CA wasn’t incorporated as a city until 1991. Today the area is mainly residential, though plenty of parks and open spaces remain in and around Laguna Hills CA. There is even a park called Sheep Hills Park in a nod to the city’s past. If you live in Laguna Hills CA and you find yourself in need of representation for a family law issue, look no further than The Law Office of Michael L. Fell. Our experienced family law attorney, Michelle L. Tran, has over 200 hours of specialized training in family law issues and can provide the skillful and aggressive representation you need for your divorce proceeding, support dispute, custody battle, paternity issue, or domestic violence issue.