Child Custody Attorney in Irvine CA

Protect your relationship with your kids by hiring a child custody attorney in Irvine CA

When parents are married, they automatically share joint custody of any children they may have. Of course, unmarried parents can share custody rights too. It is just a bit more complicated because they will need to complete various steps with the family court to establish those rights. Fortunately, you do not have to struggle through the legal process on your own. You can and should get help from a child custody attorney in Irvine CA.

Why Choose Us as Your Child Custody Attorney in Irvine CA

When your relationship with your child is at stake, you need the very best quality representation. This is exactly what you get from Rita Liu, our firm’s child custody attorney in Irvine CA. Attorney Tran knows California child custody laws in detail and she has over 200 hours of specific family law training under her belt. She will treat you with compassion and respect, listening carefully to your needs and priorities and doing everything in her power to help you use the law to protect your relationship with your child. Attorney Tran handles:

  • Legal custody–the right to make legal decisions for the child on issues like schooling and medical care
  • Physical custody–where the child lives
  • Visitation–when and how the non-custodial parent will visit with the child

Attorney Tran is a tenacious litigator who is not afraid to fight even the toughest custody issues in court. She will carefully investigate the facts of your case and make sure the judge has all the information they need to determine what custody and visitation arrangements are in the best interests of your child.

Help for Uncontested Child Custody Cases

If you and your child’s other parent get along, you can work out the details of your own custody and visitation arrangements. However, it is still wise to involve a child custody attorney in Irvine CA. We can help you draft your agreements in clear and appropriate language and then submit them to the family court for you. Once your agreements have been signed by a judge, they will become legally binding. This means that if your relationship with your co-parent deteriorates in the future and they try to break your agreements, you will have legal recourse.

We Can Help Keep your Custody Agreements Fair & Relevant

Your custody and visitation agreements are not set in stone. This is quite fortunate since agreements can start out fair only to become inappropriate as family circumstances change over the years. For example, maybe a military parent is being deployed overseas and the other parent needs to be awarded sole custody during that time. Or, if a parent that was previously deemed unfit for custody has made progress in their life, maybe they deserve to gain additional rights and privileges. As your child custody attorney in Irvine CA, we can help you understand whether your situation justifies a modification and then prepare the necessary paperwork for you.

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