Huntington Beach CA

The seaside city of Huntington Beach CA may be named after a famous turn of the 20th century businessman and industrialist, but the city is now known more for its recreational opportunities. The crowning jewel of the city is its 9.5 mile long sandy beach, which offers excellent surfing and supports a thriving beach culture all year long. The beach is so popular with surfers that Huntington Beach CA is actually nicknamed “Surf City.” The beach is such an important part of the city’s identity that building along it is restricted to avoid spoiling the views. If you live in Huntington Beach CA and you find yourself in need of representation for a family law issue, look no further than The Law Office of Michael L. Fell. Our experienced family law attorney, Michelle L. Tran, has over 200 hours of specialized training in family law issues and can provide the skillful and aggressive representation you need for your divorce proceeding, support dispute, custody battle, paternity issue, or domestic violence issue.