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Unhappy with your divorce decree? Get help from a divorce modification attorney in Costa Mesa CA

After going through the stress of a divorce, you probably hope never to address issues like spousal support and child custody again. However, life is full of changes and it is highly likely you will want to change the orders included in your divorce decree at some point. The best way to secure any necessary changes is to enlist the aid of a skilled divorce modification attorney in Costa Mesa CA.

We Handle All Kinds of Post-Judgment Modifications

The modification process is designed to address “substantial and continuing” changes in the circumstances of divorced spouses and their children. This means you can’t seek a modification for every little change in your life; only for those that permanently affect the appropriateness of the agreements in your divorce decree.

After many years of experience, we understand what kinds of life changes justify modifications and how to convince the judge of this fact. We can serve as your divorce modification attorney in Costa Mesa CA whether you are seeking:

  • Spousal Support Modifications: When the spouse paying support loses their job or suffers a permanent pay cut, or when the spouse receiving support finds gainful employment, it is time to reconsider the spousal support order. Support may be completely terminated if the supported spouse remarries.
  • Child Custody Modifications: When modifying child custody orders, the top priority must be ensuring that the best interests of the child continue to be served. Custody modifications are likely to be granted if a parent with physical custody becomes incarcerated, gets deployed overseas, or is unable to provide a safe and stable home environment for the child.
  • Child Support Modifications: You may be justified in seeking a modification if your child custody split has changed, if the child’s expenses have changed, or if either parent’s income has changed.
  • Asset Division Modifications: In certain rare situations, it may be possible to modify asset division agreements. However, most of the time the court will not address this issue. If you are interested in this possibility, you need to get personalized advice from a divorce modification attorney in Costa Mesa CA.

Why Choose Us as Your Divorce Modification Attorney in Costa Mesa CA

When you choose The Law Office of Michael L. Fell, you will be working closely with experienced attorney Michelle L. Tran on your case. Attorney Tran has dedicated her career to family law and she has the skills and knowledge required to serve as your divorce modification attorney in Costa Mesa CA on even the most complex cases. You can rely on her to fight aggressively for your best interests.

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