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You’ve found the right custody lawyer in Costa Mesa CA

The chance of being denied contact with your child is a terrifying thing to live through. Whether it’s the result of a pending divorce, a paternity dispute, or something else, if you need a custody lawyer in Costa Mesa CA then you’ll be happy to know that Law Office of Michael L. Fell is here to help. We know how difficult this is. We know that you want to understand what your rights are and that you need an attorney who will do whatever is necessary to get you the fair custody agreement you deserve.

Your custody lawyer in Costa Mesa CA can ensure the family law judge has all the facts

If the paternity and / or divorce is uncontested, then you can make your own custody agreements, submit them to a judge, and have them be enforceable. Unfortunately, this is often not an option and a custody lawyer in Costa Mesa CA is necessary. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, stepparent, etc., if you have a strong emotional bond with the child in question and can’t reach an agreement with their other parent, then you may need to take the case to a judge.

When the judge decides on the case, they will consider a number of factors. They include:

  • The health of both parents and their physical fitness.
  • How long the child has lived in their current environment, how stable that environment is, and whether that arrangement can continue.
  • How able either parent is to provide stability for the child.
  • The preference of the child.
  • The parents’ ability to meet the developmental needs of the child.
  • Any prior criminal history or history of domestic violence.

When you choose Law Office of Michael L. Fell as your custody lawyer in Costa Mesa CA, you’re choosing an attorney who fill fight tirelessly to ensure that the judge has all the evidence they need to make the right decision on your case. We’ve worked for years with social workers, child psychologists, and others who can help create a full picture of what’s best for your child.

The many types of custody in California

There are a number of custody and visitation options available in California. When you contact your custody attorney in Costa Mesa CA, they will go over all the options and help you decide what will work best for your situation. Some examples of custody and visitation include:

  • Legal custody. In most cases, both parents share legal custody, which means they can make legal decisions for the child.
  • Physical custody. This refers to where the child actually spends their time. Joint physical custody can be arranged, though it’s not always 50/50.
  • Uncontested custody. If both parties can agree to a visitation and custody agreement that works for everyone, then it’s considered uncontested custody.
  • Contested custody disputes. If you believe that you can’t come up with custody with the co-parent then you may have to pursue legal action.
  • Supervised visitation. Sometimes supervised by a custodial parent, other times by a social worker, supervised visitation protects the child but still allows them access to their loved one.

When you contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for your free legal consultation, you can count on us to go over all your custody and visitation options.

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