4 Rules on How to Not Let Fear Influence Your Divorce Hearing

Posted on: May 13, 2022

4 Rules on How to Not Let Fear Influence Your Divorce HearingDivorces are scary. There is no getting around it. But there are ways to not only make you more confident to the court, but more confident with yourself. With proper preparation and guidance, your divorce will be more manageable both physically and mentally. If you follow these rules that are a part of our expertise, you will not be influenced by fear.

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Lessen the fear with these rules:

  1. Be Prepared – Walk into that hearing knowing every detail and fact that can be relevant to your case. We can help prepare you and will be with you every step of the way, but when it comes down to it, the rest is up to you. Know the facts you are sharing are your absolute truth. Being prepared and speaking honestly makes what you’re saying come across more genuine. We will guide and work with you on this.
  2. Efficiently Communicate with Your Divorce Lawyer – As you have prepared tediously, your divorce lawyer should be equally prepared. Knowing your testimony and what questions will be asked is crucial to a hearing. Of course, it isn’t scripted TV, so there will be some impromptu answers. But having your lawyer ready for those questions will only benefit you. The only way they’ll be prepared is if you share with them every bit of pertinent information.
  3. Envision the Outcome – As you are collecting your thoughts, envision your desired outcome and how you got there. Picturing yourself in the environment of the hearing and how you want it to turn out will get you mentally prepared.
  4. Take Emotions Out of the Equation – Divorce hearings are factual. However, it is human nature to let emotions affect decisions and what you say. This is why you need to communicate all the logistics of the divorce with your lawyer. When your hearing comes, with the help and guidance of your lawyer, answer questions in an unemotional way (as much as you can). Even if your spouse lies and it frustrates you, always expect to tell the truth.

Get ready for your divorce hearing today

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