Child Custody Attorney in Tustin CA

Protect your relationship with your kids by hiring a child custody attorney in Tustin CA

When a child is born to married parents, both parents automatically share physical and legal custody. Of course, unmarried parents can share custody rights too. It is just a bit more complicated because they will need to complete various steps with the family court to establish those rights. For best results, you should get a child custody attorney in Tustin CA to assist you with this process.

Why Choose Us as Your Child Custody Attorney in Tustin CA

At The Law Office of Michael L. Fell, all child custody cases will be handled by our family law specialist, Michelle L. Tran. Attorney Tran is a skilled and aggressive child custody attorney in Tustin CA with over 200 hours of specialized training in family law issues. She will treat you with compassion and respect, listening carefully to your needs and priorities and doing everything in her power to help you use the law to protect your relationship with your child. Attorney Tran handles:

  • Legal custody–the right to make legal decisions for the child on issues like schooling and medical care
  • Physical custody–where the child lives
  • Visitation–when and how the non-custodial parent will visit with the child

Attorney Tran makes an excellent choice for contested custody cases due to her experience in and talent for litigation. She understands the factors that a judge will consider in your case, and she will make sure they have the accurate and relevant information they need to come to a fair decision.

Help for Uncontested Child Custody Cases

Parents involved in contested custody disputes are not the only ones who can benefit from the services of a child custody attorney in Tustin CA. Even if you get along with your child’s other parent, you should involve an attorney in your case. We can provide advice to help make sure you understand your rights and do not unwittingly accept any unfair provisions in your agreements. Plus, we can assist with the process of having your agreements reviewed and approved by a judge, which will make them legally binding and help protect you in the event of any future disagreements with your co-parent.

We Can Help Keep your Custody Agreements Fair & Relevant

Because children and families grow and evolve, custody and visitation agreements often need to be modified. For example, maybe a military parent is being deployed overseas and the other parent needs to be awarded sole custody during that time. Or, if a parent who used to have a drug problem has completed treatment and demonstrated good moral character, maybe the requirement for supervised visitation should be lifted. As an experienced child custody attorney in Tustin CA, we understand what kinds of evidence the family court needs to see in order to approve a modification, and we will work hard to secure the changes that are best for you and your child.

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