How to Know if You Are Over or Under Paying Your Child Support

Posted on: July 14, 2022

How to Know if You Are Over or Under Paying Your Child SupportChild support is a wonderful concept by continuing to give your child a high quality of life after separating from the other parent. However, there are many factors that go into determining exactly how much a parent needs to pay. Providing child support is an honorable deed, but not if it means you will go broke. On the flip side, if a parent has been under paying, this guide will help determine if more support is needed.

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How is child support calculated?

California provides a very detail-oriented calculator to determine how much support will be required. Judges typically hold the calculator’s results to be the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to ordering child support. The outcome of the calculations takes many considerations into account, for example:

  • How many children there are
  • The incomes of both parents
  • Custody of the child
  • Any disabilities the child may have
  • Health insurance
  • Tax deductions

Do you suspect you are overpaying?

Life happens and sometimes certain lifestyles change. Whether you have an occupation change or the other parent gets a promotion, there could be a chance you are overpaying your child support.

The two most commonly used options are to either prove the co-parent no longer needs the amount being paid now because they are earning more money, or, prove that you can no longer afford that amount.

You’ll need to collect evidence of the following:

  • Evidence of your co-parent’s raised income
  • Proof of your reduced income
  • Evidence that your co-parent can no longer provide your child(ren) with a safe and supportive environment

Assess your child support today

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