Avoid These Common Divorce Mistakes at All Costs

Posted on: September 12, 2019

Avoid These Common Divorce Mistakes at All Costs

No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced yet roughly half of marriages will eventually end in divorce. If you are in this position, we hope that you will not make any of these common divorce mistakes. To speak with a family law attorney, contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 for a free consultation.

You Will Not Save Money by Using a DIY Divorce Option

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that the best way to get divorced as quickly and cheaply as possible is to use a DIY divorce option. This is false. You may only spend a few hundred dollars initially but when it gets thrown out of court, you will spend a lot more. The best option is to sit down with an experienced attorney and let them help you. No matter how simple or complex, it is only going to be made more difficult if you do not have the right professionals on your side.

Skipping the Discovery Process

If you try to skip any step of the divorce process you are likely to end up in a bad way. This is very true of the discovery process. This is a necessary step that ensures that you have all the information required to make decisions about property rights, spousal support, and other essential factors. The discovery process gives you access to things like bank account statements, retirement account statements, and any real estate holdings, amongst other things.

Trying to Use the Divorce as an Excuse to Get Back at Your Spouse

Of course you have big feelings about your divorce. You may be angry. You may want revenge and getting as much as possible from the divorce may seem like the best way to get it. Try to fight these urges. The truth is that focusing on getting revenge can keep you from getting what you really need. All too often the party that is out to get revenge finds that they are the one that gets the short end of the stick.

The easiest way to assure you are not doing this is to talk to a divorce attorney and be honest about what you are experiencing. Trust us when we tell you that whatever you are going through, you are not the first to go through it. It will not be the first time we have heard it. Once we know what your feelings are, we can help ensure that the things you are asking for are reasonable given the situation.

It may seem that getting revenge would make you feel better but it would only do so for a short period of time. You’d then be left with a divorce agreement that is not actually in your best interest. Don’t do this. Instead, contact Law Office of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 and speak with a highly qualified attorney.